Citadel Self Watering Planter’s contemporary design ads a touch of sophistication to any setting. Whether for business, municipalities or home. These planters can be used single or in a group. They are versatile and sure to create a remarkable first impression, all these while they save you money by conserving water and lowering maintenance costs.

Citadel’s are available in 3 sizes and 13 different finishes.

Title Sizing Water Approx Soil Capacity
Citadel 30 Tall 30"L x 30" H x 36" High 9 U.S. gal|34l .15 m³ (0.19 cubic yards)
Citadel 30 30" W x 30" H x 23" High 9 U.S. gal | 34l .09 m³ (0.12 cubic yards)
Citadel 36 36" W x 36" H x 30" High 14 U.S. gal | 53l .17 m³ (0.22 cubic yards)

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