Rain Barrels

Polyethylene Rain Barrels for residential and municipal use in communitites. Collecting rain water has never looked better with the rain barrels from Desert Planters by Equinox Industries.

The realistic stone design will add charm to your yard décor.  Do your part for the environment by collecting water from your roof via the rain gutters.  Use the stored water for watering your gardens, plants, flowers and grass, reducing the amount of treated tap water you consume. It has a built in shut off valve for hose attachment, removable screen to keep out animals, insects and debris, and an overflow attachment.

Collecting rain water is great for the environment and healthier for your plants. These rain barrels will lower your water bill and provide you with an efficient method of collecting soft, natural water for your garden and flower beds.

Setting up your rain barrel is easy and simple. You’ll want to set it up on a sturdy foundation. You should use a foundation that is high enough to fit a watering can under the tap. The height will also allow for more water pressure when using a hose. Choose a foundation that is also strong enough to support the weight of your rain barrel when is full. Place the barrel next to your desired downspout, and connect it using a downspout connector kit. Easy and simple!

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