Rectangular Self Watering Planters are ideal for residential, commercial and  municipal use. Desert Planters offers you a great variety of rectangular self-watering planters to choose from. All polyethylene Desert Planters by Equinox industries are available in 17 colours and finishes.

Your flowers will look fantastic in your landscape and will require minimal maintenance, just water your planters through the fill tube and your plants will take just the right amount, without a danger of over watering them. Desert Planters technology will keep the soil surface dry to the touch discouraging weed growth.

Our realistic stone finishes add a little decor to your garden. Visit our product page to see all different planters we have available. Wide selection of rectangular, round, hanging baskets, specialty planters. Request a quote now!

Our planters are weather resistant and will not dent, scratch or peel. The Hydra System Technology™ will deliver just the right amount of water to your plants and the large water reservoir will allow you to save on maintenance costs

Easy on your plants, easy on your wallet!

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