Environmentally Friendly

Something as simple as a flowerpot may not seem like a force for change, add a self-watering reservoir to that pot, and you’ve got a whole new game, an environmentally friendly planter!

Self-watering (or sub-irrigated, as they’re also known) planters reduce water consumption by up to 80%, when compared with similar planters that are watered manually and do not have a reservoir.

That’s a nice savings for anyone, but the real impact comes when that 80% is multiplied by the large number of planters used by cities, park systems and developers. Used on a large scale, self-watering planting containers save thousands of gallons of water per year. This is the main advantage of the environmentally friendly and beautifully design Desert Planters.

Self-Watering Planters work with a variety of plant life.
Avenue Self Watering Planter in an avenue with beautiful flowers

Reduced water consumption isn’t the only environmentally friendly benefit of our products. Sub-irrigated planters also:

Courtyard Self Watering Planter in with beautiful tropical plants

Less Water

Dramatically cut the need for watering down to once a week or once a month (learn more).

Less Maintenance

Decrease the number of maintenance and watering rounds that grounds crews make.

Less Fuel

Reduce the amount of fuel used to maintain landscaping.

Less Waste

Our planters provide another potent enviro-friendly benefit: They’re constructed of at least 60% recycled plastic. Over the past 15 years, use of our containers has diverted 500,000 pounds of plastics from landfills.

Less Pollution

Lower the amount of landscaping-related pollution.

More Eco-friendly

Do the eco-friendly thing today: View our complete catalog and get a quote for the self-watering planter containers that will make a difference in your operation — and the environment.