Terrace self watering planter come in three different sizes and allows you to create elegance and beauty with grouping all three sizes or by placing them individually. It makes a great addition to multi-level gardening by providing elevation. In your front porch or on your deck, these elegant self-watering planters will enhance any landscape.

Title Sizing Water Approx soil capacity
Terrace 16 Tall 16" Diameter x 30" High 7 U.S. gal | 26l .02 m³ (0.02 cubic yards)
Terrace 20 20" Diameter x 20" High 6 U.S. gal | 23l .03 m³ (0.03 cubic yards)
Terrace 27 27" Diameter x 27" High 12 U.S. gal | 45l .1 m³ (0.13 cubic yards)

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