The Manor low bowl self watering planter has a sleek modern design and is great for plazas, shopping centres or any commercial properties. It’s large footprint and low profile keeps sight lines open. This planter will help you keep your green areas looking colourful and save you on maintenance cost due to it’s large water reservoir. This Polyethylene planter bowl will add a touch of elegance to any landscaping project.

Title Sizing Water Soil Capacity
Manor 42 106.68" Dia. X 27.94" H (42" Dia. X 11" H) 40.4 L  (10.7 US Gal.) .083 m³  (.109 cubic yards)
Manor 60 147.3 cm Dia x 43.2 cm H (58” Dia x 17” H) 125 l. (33 U.S. Gal) .4 m³ (0.52 cubic yards)
Manor 74 188 cm Dia x 45.7 cm H (74” Dia x 18” H) 146 l. (38½ U.S. Gal)


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