Self Watering Hanging Basket Planters

Self Watering Hanging Baskets make a great replacement for your traditional hanging baskets. Turn your daily watering into a weekly with the large water reservoir that will keep your plants looking great.

Desert planter’s hanging baskets come in 17 different colours and finishes. Your flowers will look fantastic in your landscape and will require minimal maintenance. Just water your baskets through the fill tube and your plants will take just the right amount, without a danger to over watering them. Desert Planters will keep the soil surface dry to the touch discouraging weed growth.

Self Watering Hanging Baskets are ideal for residences, cities, towns and municipalities and are environmentally friendly . Save water, save the environment!

Desert Planters will help you reduce your water bill, they are cost effective and require little maintenance. We invite you to learn more and request an estimate.

Desert Planters are easy on your plants, easy on your wallet!

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