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Why choose Equinox self watering desert planters?

Our self watering containers are based on a carefully engineered design that lets plants soak up what they need while still conserving water and other resources. They are ideal for home, business and municipalities.

How Desert Planters Work

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Benefits of Self Watering Desert Planters

Desert Planter Self-Watering Hanging Basket 

Self Watering Planters Make Your Community Beautiful.


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Why choose self watering planters?

Self watering planters are the best way for cities, towns, municipalities, and any community leaders or district managers to save money on labour and preventing over-watered flowers!

These beautifully designed plant pots are durable for all climates. We even have decorative hanging baskets for flowers, plants and herbs to make your community a greener place.

Self-watering planters are ideal for dry climates where water conservation bylaws are in place. Help the environment, abide by regulations, and keep your business or community looking green and vibrant!

The technology behind our self watering planters is simple. You add water into the planter, which sits in a reservoir under the soil bed in the plant pot. Then, as the soil dries, water rises into the soil via a number of wicking devices that dip into the water. The right amount of water climbs into the soil, keeping your flowers and plants hydrated without the need to water them frequently.

Our hanging flower baskets work the same way as our self watering pots—just fill them and relax. These hanging baskets are perfect for dressing up business and commercial spaces, industrial areas, and any community space.