Hydra System Helpful Hints

Welcome and congratulations on your purchase of our Hydra System Self-Watering Desert Planter.

Please install the HydraStem™ wicks, sent with the planter, into the bottom of the planter to ensure the Hydra system works to it’s full potential. To install the wicks simply push the wick into the predrilled holes until it snaps into place. (see figure 1) Once all wicks have been placed and there are no visible predrilled holes, the planter is ready to load the soil.

Depending on the model purchased, there will either be a molded in water tube or a green expandable
water tube. If the planter has the expandable water tube, pull up on the tube until the tube reaches the
top edge of the planter.

Fill the planter with potting mix or soil. Adding fertilizer will not hamper the operation of the planter.

Desert self-watering planters are planted the same as any other conventional pot.

Once planting is completed, fill the reservoir through the watering tube. The reservoir is full when
water leaks through the overflow hole located on the outside of the planter and to the right of the tube
approximately half way down. Once the reservoir is filled top water the plants for the first couple of weeks
or until the flowers are set in their soil.

Monitor the planters once a week for the first 3-4 weeks to determine a watering cycle. Depending on the size of the reservoir the watering cycle could be anywhere up to 6 weeks.

Weather can play a big part in the watering cycle. If there is extremely dry weather, consider reducing the watering cycle and lightly top water if required.

There is no special winterizing required. Desert self-watering planters can be left out and utilized all year long for your seasonal requirements. Draining the reservoir is not required but do not fill the reservoir prior to freezing temperatures.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting our customer service at info@eqnx.biz or call 1.800.665.7487 (Canada) or 1.800.563.3352 (United States).