Brickworks Round Rain Barrel


Brickworks round rain barrel will help you collect rain water with ease, being environmentally friendly has never looked better with the Brickworks rain barrels from Desert Planters.  The realistic brick look and a stone face texture, will add charm to your yard décor and blend in nicely with any surroundings.  Do your part for the environment by collecting water from your roof via the rain gutters, then use the stored water for watering your garden, plants, flowers and grass. This will reduce the amount of tap water you consume. It has a built in shut off valve for hose attachment, removable screen to keep out animals, insects and debris, and an overflow attachment to connect more barrels. Made from polyethylene it is lightweight and durable and will add a touch of sophistication to your decor. It is shape as a column and will help you collect 69 U.S. gal of rain water.

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Title Sizing Water
Brickworks Round Rain Barrel 23 " Dia. x 38.5"  High 69 U.S. gal | 262 l

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