What You Need To Know About Our Self Watering Planters


Self-watering planters are a great boon for professional landscapers, governments, park systems, and any property owner looking to beautify outdoor spaces in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious fashion.


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Even with the very best products, there are always questions to be answered, new information to learn, great tips to share. Consider this page “Knowledge Central” for everything you need to know about self-watering containers, commercial planters and rain collection barrels.

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How Desert Planters Work

Easy-to-understand explanation of self-watering containers.

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Save Money. Save Water. Save the World

The Top 5 reasons for transitioning to self-watering planters.

Cost Savings

Make Friends with
the Environment

The enviro-friendly benefits of self-watering containers.

Eco Friendly

Say Good-Bye
to Daily Watering

Commercial self-watering planters can reduce the frequency of your watering schedule.


How Large is Large?

Size Comparison Chart in PDF format that clearly demonstrates just how big a 24” commercial planter or 50” tree tub is, compared to the size of an average person.

Size Charts

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