SierrSierra Stone Self Watering Planter

Big Muddy Greenhouse Sierra Stone Planter

David Boissonneault

Planter: Sierra Stone Self Watering Planter Desert planters make growing plants so easy anyone can do it and with very little time invested. You get every dollar worth out of your plants each  year with these amazing pots.

Walkway Planter Mapple Creek fence Planters

Maple Creek Walkway Planter

David Boissonneault

Planter: Walkway Self Watering Planter We love these along the western fencing of our downtown park & downtown parking area.

Trio Self Watering Planter and Pathway Self Watering Hanging Basket at Maple creek

Maple Creek Trio Planter

David Boissonneault

Planter: Trio Self Watering Planter We love the look of this planter! It gives the entrance to our park a colourful spark.

Promenade Self Watering Planter

Maple Creek Promenade Planter

David Boissonneault

Planter: Promenade Self Watering Planter We have many of this style along the main road way in Maple Creek, they look great!

Stonewall Skyline Self Watering Planter Flowers

Town of Stonewall Skyline Self Watering Planter

David Boissonneault

Planter: Skyline Self Watering Planter We can manage and maintain our flowers so much better using the self-release watering feature of Desert Planters!

City of Abbotsford Avenue Self Watering Planter Entry

City of Abbotsford Avenue Planter

David Boissonneault

Planter: The Avenue Self Watering Planter They are stunning attractions to any feature sight that I want to highlight in our city’s horticultural areas ! Love the self watering feature as well as all the different styles available!

Kippling Skyline self watering planter

Town of Kipling Skyline Planter

David Boissonneault

Planter: Skyline Self Watering Planter Equinox self watering planters are not only beautiful, they conserve water! As we were told they are “cool and awesome”.