Self-Watering Large Planters: Well-Suited for Trees

Imagine a self-watering, portable forest of trees.

It’s not fantasy — it’s reality, thanks to the Windsor self-watering large planter.

self-watering containersWith a five-foot diameter, these large planters can support a tree or any combination of plants and flowers your team dreams up. A built-in water reservoir helps conserve water and maintenance time by allowing for less frequent watering.

These large planters can transform an open, empty space into a shady oasis, while cleverly located single tubs can add visual drama and interest to any setting.

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Desert Planters are made from 50% recycled plastic.

Desert Planters products are environmentally responsible choices for saving resources, but are also manufactured in a responsible way containing at least 50% RECYCLED PLASTIC! Over the past 15 years, due to this commitment, Desert Planters has diverted over 500,000 pounds of plastic from the land fill.

The New City Square Self-Watering Planter